If you’re in the photo, you’ll get it

Group photos, candid shots, or staged requests will be sent directly to your device.

How it Works

You enjoy the moment, we’ll capture it.

Find a venue

Find out where Pixsle photographers are located and head out to those venues.


Once at a venue, your job is to enjoy your time! Let our photographers capture the moments.

Receive your photos

Voilà! Your captured photos are sent directly to your device instantly. It’s that easy.


Pixsle uses facial recognition and matching to deliver photos.

Facial Recognition

To perform the face matching, Pixsle uses A.I. facial recognition. This provides an extremely powerful facial image recognition algorithm that can compare billions of images daily. The artificial intelligence ensures a highly scalable and efficient face-scanning technology with deep learning that improves the accuracy of the match.


Once a profile is created, you will be ready to receive photos from photographers.


Join the team and expand your photography career

part of the team

Pixsle is always looking for more photographers to help shoot inspiring photos at our partnered venues. We look for a mixture of experience, creativity, and personality. If you’re interested in joining the movement and becoming a photographer, please download the application. We are based out of Toledo, Ohio but have venues around the Midwest United States. Remember to send us a link to your personal portfolio if you have one.


In case you’re wondering.